Recovering and Replacing


Author: Mai Vang

The environment in a community and how it is sustained is really important. Many times, a company will buy a piece of land, cut down all the trees, get rid of the wildlife that once lived there, and use it for their own benefit. Obviously this is bad for the ecosystem and its effects will only decrease the green condition within the community. There are also places that have been developed, but in the long run, things don’t work out so the uncomplete areas just get left there.
Therefore, for every piece of land that gets developed, a certain amount of trees has to be planted. For places that have been abandoned and are considered ghost towns or have a large amount of worn down buildings, it would be a great idea to replace those worn down buildings and recreate the space by first working on making the place green friendly. Doing so this will not only regain the green environment that once existed, it will also benefit the biosphere in the community.

An example of this principle at work: Recover and Replace