Great City Principles

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Connection with Nature

Kaitlin Rudnick

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Culture is KEY

Makenzie Brown


Multimodal Transportation

David Shachar-Hill


Housing Inequality

Katherine Bouma

East lansing

Closing the Town-Gown Divide

Marilyn Hecht


User-generated Urbanism: The Inclusive Approach to City Making

Suzanna Smentowski

Good city principle

Placemaking: Making Places for People

Kate Den Houter



Michel Metzner

Citizen centered development

Citizen-Centered Development

Kendra Hungerford

Smart growth

Smart Growth

Garrett Brown

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Placemaking: Design With A Community In Mind

Molly Keasey


Climate & Location

Jackie Sheehan


Economic Impact of Small Business

Brendan Carney

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Go Green: Creating a Cultural Inclusive Community

Colin Liang

East lansing high school

Infrastructure Investment

Hunter Kulka


Community Involvement

Ashley Carter

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Bringing Culture over the Lines

Vanessa Velazquez



Gejsi Rada


Infill Development and Smart Growth Innovation

Kelsey Storemski


Ecology and Sustainability of a City

Kristina Gerding

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The Biophilic City - Nature is Key!

Isabella Hewitt


Economic Stimulus: Food Truck Parks

Ghanem AlQemzi

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Community Place

Ben Roth

Feature center city district project

Housing in equality in a college town

Grant Grose


Configuration of Outdoor Relaxation Stations

Aliya Mckethern

Creative street corridor

Creatives Additives to Corridors

Aliya Mckethern

The hub

Virtual Culture Zone

Aliya Mckethern

The art lab

Vacant Wall for Expression/Collaborative Ideas

Aliya Mckethern

Spartan village

Repurposing for Culture-Focused Shopping

Aliya Mckethern

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Citizen-Centered Development

Veronica Albo


Green Roof Implementation

Theo Roberts

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Community Inclusion

Rumana Uddin

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Elevated Parking

Aliya Mckethern


Community Involvement

Zainab Hanosh

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Investing Now, For The Future

Aaron Litt

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Turning Dead Space Into Living Space

Katherine Malhotra

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Ecology and Sustainability

Michelle Ratchford

Interactive area

Interactive Area with an Emphasis on Community Involvement

Derrick Hayes


Ecological Sustainability

Corrin Misak


Nature in the classroom

Isabella Davidson

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Going Green: Establishes Community

Carla Castillo

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Community Events

Clare Kiley

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Green Roofs

Mike Grimes

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Bringing a Clustered Quad to MSU

Owen Jones

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Uniting Cultures

Jennifer Padilla


Intercultural Social Spaces In Higher Education

Julia Lee


Recovering and Replacing

Mai Vang

Culture  creativity  and collaboration 2

Culture, Creativity and Collaboration

Kylie LaBeau

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Form Based Code - Does East Lansing Need a Facelift?

Isabella Polizzotto


Delayed Development in Form Based Code Cities

Heather Hoeve

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Form Based Zoning Should Include Proper Transportation and Mobility

Taylor Rhoades


The Effects of Zoning on Economic and Racial Inequality

Mythreyi Parameswaran


Should East Lansing be moving upward or outward during their transition to form-based zoning?

Christine Miner