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Title: Designed for the Future: 80 Practical Ideas for a Sustainable World

Author: Jared Green

Description: "As described by the book's title, Green interviewed 80 leaders in the field of design, policy, planning, and more, for their ideas about what gives them hope for a sustainable future. Each of the ideas is, without exception, practical, as the book's title insists, but also incredibly ambitious in the aggregate. The 80 ideas presented in the book can be found (or developed if they aren't yet found) in every corner of the world and all over the spectrums between hyper-local and global, artistic and engineered, delivered and conceptual. Throughout the book Green conducts conversations in clear and accessible language—avoiding the esoteric tendencies of the academic or design languages occasionally employed by some of those included among the book's 80 contributors. In total, the project is inherently and ambitiously optimistic. With a promise to remain practical, the 80 ideas described in the book achieves more than perhaps expected in inspiring its readers to move forward, to build, and to plan for a sustainable future."

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