Center City Project

The Center City Project is a $132 million project proposed by Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors set to take place along the 100 block of Albert Ave. in the heart of downtown East Lansing. The plans provide for a 22,000 sq ft., twelve-story apartment building with a small-format Target shopping center on the first floor. While including Target in the plans for this project was key, another major component of the plan is to include an additional $125 million twelve-story structure with retail space, a six level parking deck and six floors (271 units) of housing for people 55+ adjacent to the current construction site. The plans for the second development recently gained approval from the East Lansing Brownfield Redevelopment Authority for $52 million in rebate, however, it still awaits approval from the East Lansing Planning Commission and City Council.

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Green roof

Green Roof

Aaron Litt

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Jobs with Residence Above

Mai Vang

Roof garden seating

Community Garden/Green Space

Jose Gavina

Big vs small business

Value of Small/Local Business

Jose Gavina

Hanosh room

Interfaith room/space

Zainab Hanosh

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Hire MSU Students

Mike Grimes


Retaining Culture Through Small Buisnesses

Clare Kiley

Gl  2

Small Businesses, Big Jobs.

Rumana Uddin


Japanese Zen Garden

Corrin Misak


Affordable Housing

Aaron Litt

Small business

The effect on small business

Derrick Hayes

Alex from target

affordable housing

Isabella Davidson


Green Spaces

Michelle Ratchford

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Adding a Green Space

Theo Roberts

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