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The Center City Project is a $132 million project proposed by Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors set to take place along the 100 block of Albert Ave. in the heart of downtown East Lansing. The plans provide for a 22,000 sq ft., twelve-story apartment building with a small-format Target shopping center on the first floor. While including Target in the plans for this project was key, another major component of the plan is to include an additional $125 million twelve-story structure with retail space, a six level parking deck and six floors (271 units) of housing for people 55+ adjacent to the current construction site. The plans for the second development recently gained approval from the East Lansing Brownfield Redevelopment Authority for $52 million in rebate, however, it still awaits approval from the East Lansing Planning Commission and City Council.

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Improvement Ideas


    Green Roof   


    Author:     Aaron Litt   


    Principle:     Ecology, Go Green:, Infrastructure Investment   



A green roof is a concept that to my knowledge has not been utilized on any building across Michigan State's campus, or anywhere in East Lansing or greater Lansing. A green roof is a roof that is aligned with various plants, vegetation, and a water proof membrane. This provides a way to absorb rain water and treat the air of the area around the roof.

This concept could be very useful in helping combat the potential for flooding around the streets of downtown East Lansing, and provides an environmentally friendly aspect to the large building going up. If this were implemented it could also set the standard for other projects around greater Lansing to adopt similar environmentally friendly building aspects to limit pollution and create more efficient sources of energy, such as lining the roofs of buildings with solar panels. Adding a green roof to the City Center Project could provide the inspiration for other projects to follow suit.


Green roof


    Jobs with Residence Above   


    Author:     Mai Vang   


    Principle:     Housing Inequality   



Having a Target below an apartment makes it super convenient for students to get their daily needs and school supplies. Opening up a Target on Grand River means more job opportunities. A great idea would be to offer or include a contract with terms concerning housing and a job opportunity. For example, if one were to work in a Target while also living in an apartment room upstairs, they could be given special advantages such as paying a lower rent cost. As a resident, they should also be granted free parking within the six floor parking structure. With these special advantages, residents with these special contracts with affordable housing included within their contracts wouldn’t have to worry much about safety. Everything they need will also be all accessible to them. With many homeless people roaming the streets of Grand River Avenue, doing this could help improve their lives for the better and decrease the number of homeless people along with the negative stigma against them.


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