The Hub on Grand River

The Hub is a new mixed-housing apartment being constructed on the corner of Bogue St and Grand River Ave set to be completed in the Summer 2019. Being developed by Core Spaces LLC, an organization with proven success in creating student-focused housing on large college campuses, approval was granted from the East Lansing City Council in a unanimous 5-0 vote. The ten story building will provide up to 585 residents with state-of-the-art housing close to campus while boasting amenities such as a rooftop outdoor lounge, a basketball court and a fully equipped pool & spa. The new building will also feature a 7-Eleven convenience store and Georgio’s Gourmet Pizza on the ground level, both of which previously resided where The Hub is being built. A main concern for The Hub voiced by critics is the limited parking being accounted for, however, they contest this with the convenient and close proximity to campus to make up for it.

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Repurposed alley

Repurposed Alley

Jose Gavina


Local Market

Julia Lee

Bike share storage

Building Bike-Share

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International Market

Zainab Hanosh

Thehub veronicaalbo

Student Run 7/11

Veronica Albo

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Clare Kiley

Gl 4

Parking and Passes

Rumana Uddin

The hub

Virtual Culture Zone

Aliya Mckethern


Community Garden

Derrick Hayes


Diversity and Culture

Jennifer Padilla

Greenhouse study


Isabella Davidson

Wall of inclusivity

A Wall of Friendly Thoughts and Ideas

Derrick Hayes


Starting small

Mike Grimes

Xx070715 divvybikestation web mh 02

Divvy Bike Share Program

Katherine Malhotra


Indoor International Farmer’s Market

Julia Lee


Green Roof

Mike Grimes

Bike share 660

Bike Share

Michelle Ratchford

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