Spartan Village Development

A new Spartan Village housing development will be constructed across from the Breslin Center. It will include: a large apartment complex, office building, a garden, townhomes, a parking lot and lots of open space. The project is estimated to cost around $150 million and will be constructed, “...on a 10 acre site on the corner of Harrison and Kalamazoo St. The development will replace the decades-old Spartan Village apartments a mile to the south,”with a state of the art new housing development. The new Spartan Village would be much closer to campus, allowing for a better connection between off campus students and the campus itself.

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Local Arts

Ashley Carter

Food truck

Multicultural block

MIchel Metzner



Brendan Carney

Bike tool

Inclusivity through Bikes

Gejsi Rada

Improvement 3

Student Housing should be Affordable for Students

Kate Den Houter

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Architecture and the Urban Environment

Benjamin Roth

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Rec Center

Makenzie Brown

Milwaukee public market interior

Door front diversity

Colin Liang


Inclusivity of Community Areas

Kristina Gerding


Inclusivity of Community Areas

Kristina Gerding


City Marketplace and Cultural Diversity

Kelsey Storemski

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Door front diversity

Colin Liang

Spartan village

Reintegration of Affordable Graduate Student Living

Clare Kiley

Hanosh foodtrucks

Affordable housing

Zainab Hanosh

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Going Green and Lots of other Different Colors

Rumana Uddin

Spartan village

More Colors, More Culture

Mai Vang

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Crosswalk & Talk

Carla Castillo

Spartan village

Repurposing for Culture-Focused Shopping

Aliya Mckethern

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The Celebration of Representation

Carla Castillo

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Everybody Studies

Carla Castillo


Bike Sharing

Corrin Misak


Food for the Youth

Corrin Misak


Free Parking

Jennifer Padilla

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