Red Cedar Development

The $250 million Red Cedar Development Partners plan is moving forward in 2019. The plan promises to create a dense urban mixed-use development which reflects the vision of the City of Lansing’s Master Plan. The project will: Maximize the use of a currently shuttered site in the Red Cedar River flood plain by creating structures Integrated Parking Structures (IPS) which support the development’s vertical structures above the flood elevation. Develop a community based transformational project on the prominent Michigan Avenue corridor next to the Michigan State University campus and boarder community of East Lansing. Retain public access to the Red Cedar River and a significant portion of the former golf course for the public.

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Modernist design paired with ecological consciousness

Benjamin Roth


Trail along the Red Cedar River

Brendan Carney

Philly indego bikeshare

Bike Share

Molly Keasey

Neighbors meeting 550

Neighbors not Strangers

Molly Keasey

River park

River Park

Brendan Carney

Red cedar river

Development Bringing People Together

Gejsi Rada

Improvement 5

Building a Marketplace builds a Community

Kate Den Houter

Drainage problem

Solving the Drainage Problem

Kendra Hungerford


Band Shell

Michel Metzner  

Man and dog

Creating a Walkable Space

Suzanna Smentowski

El ice rink

The Seasonal Park

Suzanna Smentowski

Silicon valley map

Sillicon Valley

Makenzie Brown

Reuse old building

Community Space through use of Old Buildings

Marilyn Hecht

Climbable art

Community Art Garden

Marilyn Hecht

Screen shot 2017 11 15 at 10.33.38 am

Don't Take Away the Green Grass

Vanessa Velazquez

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Making Friends Through Natural Connections

Hunter Kulka


Parking? What’s that?

Hunter Kulka


Inclusive City Planning for People with Disabilities

Kelsey Storemski

Screen shot 2017 11 29 at 12.50.33 pm

Reconnection with the Mother Nature

Colin Liang

Screen shot 2017 11 29 at 12.57.19 pm

Athletic City

Colin Liang

Ppole senegal 01

Peace Garden

Clare Kiley

Red cedar

Nature Studying

Mai Vang

Redcedar albo

Red Cedar Swings

Veronica Albo

Gl 7

Red Cedar Development

Rumana Uddin

Dsc 0934 1030x345

Red Cedar Community

Michelle Ratchford

Tsms raised beds 2016

Community Gardens

Kylie LaBeau


Community Center

Kylie LaBeau


Configuration of Outdoor Relaxation Stations

Aliya Mckethern


Shaping Parks into Experiences

Owen Jones

Logan disc golf

Disc Golf Course

Aaron Litt

Bench gsah

Connecting with a space

Isabella Davidson


Holidays and rentals

Jennifer Padilla

1a backyard pond kit feb20 870x736

Red Cedar Development

Derrick Dawson

Algae albo

Algae Prevention

Veronica Albo


Core Value: Diversity

Julia Lee

Blue water boathouse

Bringing the Community Together with Fun Family Fitness

Owen Jones

2016 rock spartans will 2

Opportunity to Express Your Own Voice

Owen Jones


Bringing together nature and Society

Theo Roberts

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