SkyVue Development

SkyVue is a $77 million dollar project on Michigan Avenue that will contain shops, parking, restaurants, and apartments which are aimed at students and young professionals. The development will bring in more than 1,000 residents, and bring a resurgence of business to the nearby Frandor Shopping Center as well as, complement the Red Cedar project. The SkyVue development was completed in 2017.

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Why Modern Living Does Not Correlate to Futuristic Liveability

Katherine Bouma


Green Roof

Brendan Carney


Utilizing City Space in a Positive Way

Kendra Hungerford


SkyDeck Hangout

Gejsi Rada


Avoiding Luxury Apartments in a College Town

Garrett Brown

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Adding Green Space to a Concrete Jungle

Kate Den Houter

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Rethinking the Intentions Behind New Housing Developments

Benjamin Roth

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Making Apartments into Functioning Neighborhoods

Benjamin Roth

Rich versus poor keyimage

The East Lansing Epidemic: Unaffordable Housing

Hunter Kulka

Solar power roof

Solar Powered Roof

Marilyn Hecht

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A systematic modern approach to cohere the community

Colin Liang

Eastwood towne center

Build a Better Frandor Shopping Center

Suzanna Smentowski


Livability of a Space

Kristina Gerding


Mixed-Use Buildings Improve Accessibility

Kelsey Storemski

Screen shot 2017 11 15 at 9.13.48 am

Quit the Price of Luxury

Vanessa Velazquez

Screen shot 2017 11 15 at 10.16.52 am

Let All Development be Smart Development

Vanessa Velazquez

Screen shot 2017 11 29 at 12.55.44 pm

A systematic modern approach to cohere the community

Colin Liang

Hanosh skyvue

Choosing affordability over luxury

Zainab Hanosh


Bike-Share program

Mike Grimes

Utah 430px

Incorporating Greenery

Theo Roberts

482hsup grantnews

Increase in On-Campus Living

Derrick Dawson

Msu bus


Isabella Davidson


Breaking the Town-Gown Barrier

Owen Jones

10 shuttle

Get To Class Fast

Katherine Malhotra



Jennifer Padilla


Ethnic Food Day

Corrin Misak

Green roof

Sustainable Roofing

Michelle Ratchford

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