MSU Art Lab

The Michigan State University Broad Art Lab is a pilot project of the Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum. Set across the street from the University’s main art museum on the corner of Grand River Ave and Bailey St, the new development is designed to encourage collaboration and engagement with the Greater Lansing Community and the University’s art programs. Primarily focusing in the development and experimentation of emerging art, the Art Lab is also intended to be utilized as a community center, available for professional workshops, brainstorming retreats, business meetings or special events.

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Broad art lab school

Empowering Elementary School Artists

Kylie LaBeau

Electronic display signs

Building a Strong Identity

Mike Grimes

Hanosh artlab

Art therapy

Zainab Hanosh

Heart of art

Create into a Community

Rumana Uddin

Diverse art

Weekly Cultural Art Events

Jose Gavina

Puzzle surftaco 5

Community Art Wall

Clare Kiley

Artlab veronicaalbo

Community Art

Veronica Albo

Plants green interior design ideas 17

Nature in the Art Lab

Derrick Dawson


Interactive Surveys

Derrick Dawson

Broad art children vote art

The Culture of Children’s Composition

Kylie LaBeau


Chalk Walks Taking Steps Towards Involvement

Corrin Misak

Vacant Wall for Expression/Creative Ideas

Aliya Mckethern

20181021 173901

Community Art

Julia Lee


A Sense of Belonging

Julia Lee


Constant Changing of Art

Aaron Litt

Nature albo

Indoor Forest

Veronica Albo

Msu art lab

Music Connectivity

Mai Vang

Tiny dots

art community

Isabella Davidson


Art and Nature

Michelle Ratchford


Adding a welcoming feel

Theo Roberts

Download 1

Art in the Classroom

Theo Roberts

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