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The Michigan State University Broad Art Lab is a pilot project of the Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum. Set across the street from the University’s main art museum on the corner of Grand River Ave and Bailey St, the new development is designed to encourage collaboration and engagement with the Greater Lansing Community and the University’s art programs. Primarily focusing in the development and experimentation of emerging art, the Art Lab is also intended to be utilized as a community center, available for professional workshops, brainstorming retreats, business meetings or special events.

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Improvement Ideas


    Empowering Elementary School Artists   


    Author:     Kylie LaBeau   


    Principle:     community involvement, community place, creativity   



Children rarely have chances to decide many things, and if there is no way for them to experience it while they can without major consequences, they should be able to. The Broad Art Lab can act as a stepping stone for students into the world of deeper thinking and meaning, as well as empowerment. Tours, workshops, and and field trips for elementary schools in surrounding areas could bring art to children in a climate where it is one of the first school programs to be cut in the face of economic hardship.

Empowering children that attend surrounding schools, like Lansing Public Schools, can be done in many different ways through the program. One would be by teaching children that art does not require someone to have copious art supplies. This could then be shown with a workshop, teaching children that art is within reach, regardless of access, interests, and space.


Broad art lab school


    Building a Strong Identity   


    Author:     Mike Grimes   


    Principle:     Identity and Culture   



When you walk down grand river there are many things that stick out and catch your eye. One being the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum. Directly across the street from this eye-catching building is the MSU Broad Art Lab. The purpose of the Art Lab is provide a space where members of the MSU community can propose ideas and work together on creating art.

When you drive or walk past the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum you appreciate the architecture and can imagine the art inside is just as extravagant as the building itself. With the Art Lab you cannot visualise the amazing things that occur inside, the Art Lab should place an electronic billboard that presents art created by students on the side of the building. This electronic billboard can rotate beautiful pieces of art and show all the people that pass this building. This display will create a sense of identity and allow viewers to appreciate what goes on inside the Art Lab without needing them to take the time to stop inside.


Electronic display signs


    Chalk Walks Taking Steps Towards Involvement   


    Author:     Corrin Misak   


    Principle:     Community Involvement   



Community involvement is a key asset to constructing a functional city which establishes a sense of city pride, and the MSU Art Lab has an opportunity to create this. Currently, the Art Lab displays objects from the university art museum, as well as hosts various group workshops, retreats, and meetings. This creates a great community center for those who know about it, but how do they draw more people in to create new collaborative ideas and art? As a resident in Greater Lansing, it is clear that people love nothing more than connecting with each other at social events like sports. By hosting local art events, the Art Lab has the chance to express their purpose while bringing the community together.

Monthly festivals, such as chalk walks, will allow people to meet and connect over art while enjoying themselves. A chalk walk is a celebration of the community artistically expressing themselves by drawing on the pavement with chalk whatever they can imagine. It can be as organized as they want it to be with assigned spaces to draw in and view, or randomly distributed people and designs. This would achieve the goal of increased engagement in the Greater Lansing community with art and culture. Some possible roadblocks could be the amount of city space allocated to these events and who would be responsible for scheduling them. If a small committee at the Art Lab commits to working with the city on reserving available space for festivals then the rest can be left to those who partake to bring necessities, such as chalk and friends. The sense of belonging is already strong in the Greater Lansing community, but by increased involvement, we become more connected and our culture is better expressed.




    Art therapy   


    Author:     Zainab Hanosh   


    Principle:     Community involvement   



The MSU Art Lab on Grand River is walking distance from the MSU campus and the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum making it easily accessible to students and residents in the Greater Lansing area. The Art Lab is a place where students and locals can go for workshops, meetings, collaborations, art events and so much more. It offers a sense of belonging to those interested in art and the many ways one can appreciate it, whether it is creating or admiring it.

An improvement idea for the Art Lab would be to create an outdoor space for hands on creative ideas such as wall and sidewalk art as it currently lacks aesthetic sensibility. This is also important as community involvement is a key factor in creating engagement and a sense of belonging. This idea can attract people of all ages and backgrounds and encourage them to pour their thoughts and emotions using art. Not only will this idea improve the appearance of the city and make the Art Lab more aesthetically pleasing, but people will be more inclined to be outdoors staying active while exploring the creative art expressions on the streets. This improvement idea can help those who suffer from mental illnesses while offering awareness. For instance, writing words of encouragement with appealing art can help improve the pedestrian walking by who suffers from depression. He or she may be inclined to come back and create their own art as a form of therapy. It has the potential to create an intersection of art and mental health awareness.


Hanosh artlab


    Create into a Community   


    Author:     Rumana Uddin   


    Principle:     Community Involvement   



The design I found interesting was the MSU Art Lab. It is located perfectly and is a pilot project of the Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum. It is right across the university's main art museum. I think the placement of this art lab will create a sense of community and give more life and buzz to the area. It will make the area look more inviting and add a positive presence.
It gives more options for things to do for people here. Although the main focus of it is the development and experimentation of emerging art, it can still be utilized as a community center. This can bring people of the community together. People generally work well together when they have the same aim towards creating something in a collaborative space. It can be used for special events and business related things like workshops and meetings. All these potential uses makes the space really versatile and will add a diverse energy to the area. This art lab will give students the opportunity to create and bring some of their visions to life and get recognized for their work. It also will be great for collaborative efforts and to meet others who share the same artistic interests as you. It will also give people the opportunity to explore different interests and broaden their horizons.


Heart of art

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