Turning Dead Space Into Living Space

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Author: Katherine Malhotra

By the revamping of unused and abandoned spaces in a city, it will make the city more appealing, lively, and have more mixed use areas that can not only benefit perception of the city, but the economy of the community as well as the involvement. In East Lansing, there are many dead spaces that are scattered around the area that make the city look unappealing and unsafe. Luckily, we are on top of tearing down abandoned buildings and putting up beneficial buildings instead. Other things besides buildings can be put up in a dead space area; farmers market, food truck, art fair, etc. Things that benefit the economy and social interaction are also a major plus when thinking of reinventing dead spaces. When we start to apply this principle to East Lansing, East Lansing will become more updated, safer, appealing, and a place where everyone feels welcomed.

An example of this principle at work: Dead Spaces