Virtual Culture Zone

The hub

Author: Aliya Mckethern

Often times, even the smallest of changes can transform a city from a closed-off region to a welcoming, inclusive space. The Hub is a newly-developed 10-story apartment building located near the east of Downtown Lansing. Although in an excellent area for dining and population, The Hub is immersed within other standing apartments in which seem to group students of a higher socioeconomic status. In correlation to demographics, those who will more than likely occupy this space are young to middle-aged white residents. It can be assumed therefore that this space is quenched for cultural exposure and explanation.

An improvement idea of which would benefit the Hub and deliver the element of inclusion is to incorporate actual cultural additions to the design of the building. Photos, interactive and virtual screens presenting information in a wide array of languages, and even local food stands would act as a great deal of cultural appreciation and inclusion. Art and technology are ways of visual representation, therefore by including murals and languages throughout the space, perhaps more residents of East Lansing will feel that they are welcome and represented. It would be a beautiful idea to use photos taken of the local residents of a variety of cultures within the building. Developers of The Hub may implement these ideas through financing or accepting local art to be included.

An example of this principle at work: Project For Public Spaces