Configuration of Outdoor Relaxation Stations


Author: Aliya Mckethern

Connecting with nature within a city improvement project reaps benefits beyond what we see with the naked eye. The red cedar development is an exemplar of a mixed-use space featuring a generous amount of nature in between the man-made sites. Aiming to attract consumers with commercialized products and services provides a base-line level of satisfaction. The incorporation of a 22-acre park delivers an important aspect to the quality of human life. Viewing nature amongst the bustled streets and city commotion offers an aesthetically pleasing demeanor to the given space. An entirely new energy and atmosphere drifts along an area when nature is one of the focusing elements. The open fields and ever-changing leaves acts as a backdrop to the industrialized energy in which the building give off.

The integration of comfortable seating and rest areas amid industrial design improves the space as a whole. This feature can be implemented within nature by including within the open acres a wide variety of seating such as hammocks and benches. These are often utilized as a point of relaxation, giving residents or shoppers a breath of fresh air and a break from a constant exposure to architecture and technology. More often than not, residents and visitors are trapped in buildings for hours on end through work or class. I believe that this proposal preserves nature while simultaneously creating more of a community connection. Perhaps with this feature of nature, the city of East Lansing will see an increase in residents outdoors, utilizing a local area for peace and quiet. If we imagined a good city, an ideal element would be to include beautiful scenery and exclude unused buildings; This 22-acre park would feature natural habitats; this facet in itself is beautiful because of the untouched finish of nature. In terms of implementation of this idea, officials may accept donations or grants from businesses or individuals to provide the wide array of seating arrangements. Offering seating in an outdoor setting seems to be an interest to all age ranges, as everyone would enjoy and appreciate a space for themselves engulfed in nature.

An example of this principle at work: Project For Public Spaces