Title: The Livable City-Revitalizing Urban Communities

Author: Partners for Livable Communities

Description: An up-to-the-minute action guide, The Livable City: Revitalizing Urban Communities provides examples and strategies for improving the quality of life in urban, suburban, and exurban communities. Partners for Livable Communities, an organization noted for pushing the envelope of ideas on livability, has assembled the top names in urban planning and design to explore the New Urbanism's key issues, with over 50 best practices case studies, including international examples. A compelling chapter introduces you to the challenges facing cities in the next decade, with provocative ideas for meeting them. You'll discover new solutions to the thorny problems of achieving regional cooperation...keeping downtowns alive 24 hours a day...finding resources for improving the outcomes of at-risk competition and jobs for the next century...and housing and communities. A chapter on paying for the workable ideas rounds out a game plan for the livable city.

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